What is the Shademobile?

Shademobile® is an outdoor umbrella base that rolls on wheels and locks in place.

  • Easy to Move
  • Rolls on 4 Wheels
  • No Tipping Required to Move
  • Avoids Heavy Lifting
  • Up to 125lbs of Stability
  • Safety Features

The Shademobile® is not recommended for use with cantilevered umbrellas.

“The future in Resin is here”

We at Rolling Umbrellas Inc have taken the most highly engineered, technologically advanced RESIN used in the Aerospace and Automotive industry and, through our own innovative design and engineering, created the Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base. We use over 20 lbs. of this incredibly durable Resin in every Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base we make.


The Most Advanced Umbrella Base

Rolling Umbrellas Inc introduces the most advanced umbrella base ever invented. The Shademobile® rolls on four high-quality non-marking wheels and two of the wheels lock in place. The Shademobile® has it all… style, function and durability.

Highest Quality Craftsmanship

All of the components used to manufacture the Shademobile® rolling umbrella bases are crafted from the finest, weather-resistant structural materials available. Our state-of-the-art design is made in the USA and is protected by multiple patents.

Collar holds the
umbrella pole in a
straight upright position
Locking wheel with
patented foot pedal
Rolls on four high
quality non-marking

Painted steel umbrella stands
chip and rust...

Other umbrella stands must be
picked up or tilted to move.



The Shademobile®
is the ANSWER!